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I provide coaching for executives…

… mainly in the fields of: 

  • psychometrics

  • personal development

  • career development

  • work life balance

  • parental leave

… for organizations of all sizes 

… in English, German, French and Spanish


Career Development

What am I capable of?

  • How can I reach my full potential?

  • How can I plan my career based on my individual strengths and behavioural patterns?

  • How can I overcome impostor syndrome? 

  • How can I deal with the new ways of working and leading?

  • How can I successfully handle my employees?


Personal Development

Who am I?

  • What are my strengths?

  • What are my beliefs & values?

  • How can I gain emotional competence and healthy self-esteem?

  • What kind of a leader am I and what kind of leader do I want to be? 

  • How can I handle change & loss?



How effective is my behaviour?

  • What are the social effects of my behaviour?

  • How can I “respond” more and “react” less?

  • How can I communicate more effectively?

  • How can I manage my employees effectively to foster organisational success?

  • How can I make my influence as a leader beneficial to all?

Work Life Balance

What do I want?

  • ​What are my priorities?

  • What are the best decisions for my business and personal life? 

  • How can I be happier?

  • Which behaviours serve me well?

  • How can I grow in confidence, with respect and appreciation for both myself and others?


Parental Leave

How can I deal with my new role?

  • How can I prepare myself to parental leave?

  • How can I deal with my new role as a parent?

  • How can I find my way back to work?

  • How can I use my newly acquired parental skills at work?

  • How can I find a good balance between my family life and my business life? 

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