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My goal? 
Helping you 
achieve yours!

By understanding what success looks like for you I adapt proven coaching approaches to your needs in order to achieve your goals. 


Léah, Managing Director

Léah aims to take the next career step meaning to take over her first official leadership role. She feels anxious of the tough selection process and wonders how to gain more self confidence in a male dominated business. Furthermore she wonders how to resolve certain existing conflicts in the team, mainly due to a recent not well received reorganization which creates a bad atmosphere. 


Robert, Senior Consultant

Robert uses to procrastinate important tasks and regularly gets into very stressfull situations because of that. He performs very well under high pressure but feels exhausted and lacks of self-confidence. Also he is so used to please others and to care for everyone around him that he lost sight of his own goals. 


Sophie, Head of Sales

Sophie is back from parental leave and wonders what the hell she is doing in the office. She is struggling with being less flexible and feels like an impostor in the team. On the one hand she would like to live up to her former reputation as high achiever and perfectionist, on the other hand, she wonders what for she stresses herself so much out.


Benefits of Coaching

Coaching works!

Behind every successful business person there is a coach. Asking for help and support is a sign of strength and can make the difference that you can’t make on your own.


"I had the pleasure of working with Cecile Jammers as my coach for three months.

During this time, she has been an invaluable resource in helping me manage my anxiety and various personal and professional challenges.
Cecile is an incredibly open and welcoming coach, and she creates a safe and comfortable environment in which to share and discuss sensitive topics. She is a patient listener, and has a way of helping me feel heard and understood.
Cecile has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she always manages to provide valuable insights and guidance that have helped me make meaningful progress in my personal development. I highly recommend Cecile to anyone seeking a coach who is caring, compassionate, and effective.
(January 2023)

Albert, Software Engineer, Shell Recharge Solutions

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